Visible Mending – Beautiful Stitches for the Well Worn and Loved


I own many pairs of jeans that have worn areas from being well loved. Fed up of no longer being able to wear them I began experimenting with visible mending techniques using my sewing machine. I received quite a lot of interest from customers after sharing my newly mended jeans on Instagram stories. Realising there are many others that also want to keep wearing their clothing but cannot due to worn areas I have decided to offer repairs as a service on my website.


The idea of mending looking natural and a little more freehand is really appealing to me, embracing the prolonged life of a garment rather than trying to disguise worn and torn areas. I will be introducing this exciting new business venture to my website in May. There will be different types of mending available to select for your garments to offer a variety of price points to suit people’s needs. Machine stitched mends will be a lower price point, while Sashiko – the Japanese hand stitching technique – will be a higher price due to the slow organic hand stitched process.

Once the repair service is available I will announce within my newsletter. Make sure to sign up to my monthly newsletter to be amongst the first to find out.

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